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Recent outcomes

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Criminal Charges

Okaloosa County

  • Police investigating an alleged vehicle accident responded to a home looking for the driver. When no one answered, they entered a fenced backyard and searched, including trying to enter through a back door. Then when a resident of the home opened the front door an officer told him, “You can come out and talk to us, or we will come in and get you.” The resident said "No," as is his right as an American and turned away. The officer then burst in and arrested the man and after searching him claimed to have found a lone pill in the client's pocket. On these facts he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and felony drug possession. We filed a motion to suppress due to the unconstitutional search. All charges were dropped. Resident has filed a claim against the city for rights and privacy violations, as well as damage to reputation due to illegal police actions. 

  • Police were called by an unknown person with a female voice stating that a man at his home told her to leave or he would shoot her. She said he told her that if she came back he would defend himself. She then canceled the complaint, told dispatch she was long gone from the home, had a place to stay and said she would go by a substation the next day if she wished to pursue the matter. Without confirming the caller’s identity or the basis for any of the assertions she related to dispatch, deputies drove straight to the man’s home in the dark with their blue lights off, jumped his fenced and locked yard, banged on his door without announcing who they were, then peered through his side kitchen window until they spotted the startled retired military veteran with a clean record holding a gun in his own kitchen. Fortunately, our client thought to call dispatch to see who was outside his home trying to get at him. When he learned it was police, he immediately surrendered. Still, the officers, on no other information, charged him with assault with a deadly weapon against the unknown caller, as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer for having a gun in his hand in his own kitchen while officers were snooping around illegally outside his home, banging on his door without announcing, and peeking in on him and the interior of his home. He faced ten years mandatory, and up to life. We filed a motion to suppress due to the illegal entry by deputies onto the man’s property. All charges were promptly dismissed due to the unconstitutional and very dangerous actions of the deputies.  Our client is now is filing a claim for damages against the county.​​

  • A man with known mechanical skills got a call asking if he would help a distant acquaintance with a broken vehicle. He agreed and was picked up and rode in the acquaintance’s vehicle to an auto parts store to get what they needed. Upon pulling into the parking lot, deputies detained the vehicle for a tag light out. They then had a police dog do a sniff around the vehicle. They said the dog alerted on the driver’s door. They searched the vehicle finding dozens of grams of meth in the vehicle console. On these findings, the passenger was arrested and charged with possession and trafficking and his case even made it onto TV news. We filed a motion to dismiss and the baseless charges were quickly dropped. 

Santa Rosa County

  • An officer stated he received an anonymous tip from an unknown driver that there was an impaired person in a vehicle in the parking lot of a certain store. He put the call out and other officers responded, immediately ordering the woman out of the vehicle and having her do field sobriety exercises. They also had a dog walk around her car. They said it alerted and they searched the vehicle. They claimed to have found several grams of methamphetamine. During depositions, each officer said it was another one who ordered her out of her car without first corroborating any information given in the tip. In our country, anonymous tips alone do not justify the detention of a driver for even for one second. We filed a motion to suppress and all charges were dropped.


In each case above, we can point to questionable police behavior, or even obvious police misconduct. But realize too that in each of these cases the charges were confirmed by a judicial probable cause review, and after reviewing the facts, the State Attorney’s Office filed formal charges. Aside from the damages of arrest and humiliation already unjustly inflicted upon our clients at the outset, these cases were heading toward trial where in one case up to life in prison could have resulted.

Do not underestimate the value of a lawyer who will look at the facts and hold the State accountable. 


Personal Injury

Santa Rosa County

Our client was attacked by her neighbor’s dog. She suffered a severe leg injury. When they tried to file a claim against the neighbor’s insurance, the claim was denied. The insurance company said her injury’s were not covered. Two days after we were retained the same insurance company offered our client the full policy limits of $101,000. 


You hire an attorney to take care of something better than you can for yourself. Our clients did in these cases and THEN the right thing happened. 


At Warrior Law, our clients are our first and only priority, each and every one of them.  Hundreds of clients have come to us for help with their serious legal problems, and we have achieved excellent outcomes. Obviously each case is different, and no guarantee can be made that the same results will be achieved in a different case.  However there is one thing I do promise you - you will be treated with respect, and with a sincere concern for your future. Our goal is that you get the legal help you need to achieve the best result possible on the facts we have. The clients above came to us, and we helped them out of tough spots. We may be the right call for you as well.

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