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Goal of representation

A unique aspect of how we at Warrior Law approach our relationship with our clients is the development of the

“Goal of Representation” up front.  During the initial consultation, we talk in detail with our clients to determine what the best Goal of Representation is for their situation.  This seems simple, but it’s not.

The Goal of Representation for some clients, is to defend against the State’s charges all the way

through trial.  For them, only acquittal is an acceptable result.  In that case, we will evaluate the circumstances

and the evidence, provide feedback, and prepare for trial.

For many others the Goal of Representation is to mitigate the harm their criminal charge may bring, or to provide certainty to an otherwise uncertain situation.  In these cases, we negotiate with the state attorney
to determine if other options can be employed against the charge such as diversion programs and agreements, Veterans' Court, a lowering of charges, reduction of penalties based on the client’s previous good record, and other lessening of the costs and punishments associated with conviction.  In many cases, the result of the client’s case will be some degree of cost to them, but ultimately, no permanent criminal record or loss of rights.

Developing the Goal of Representation is a very effective approach to ensure that we start out on the same page, and that we consider together, all the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.  Many past clients have appreciated knowing exactly what we were working to accomplish for them from the beginning

and throughout the very stressful time that their case was in the works.


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