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Are You From Out of State? That's no problem at all. Many of our current and former clients are. Even serious felonies have been favorably handled without ever meeting our client face to face.

Call for a consult. If you retain us we waive your appearance at pretrial hearings. I will appear on your behalf, conduct the research and discovery, and engage with State and the court on your behalf. While I must present all State offers to you, I will work to make sure they are the best offer possible. After we discuss the options, if you wish to plea, then we seal the deal. In felonies, you might have to return for the conclusion. For misdemeanors pleas can be done remotely. If you are not in agreement with the State's final offer, then we go to trial. In that case your presence for trial will almost always be required. Even then, the dates can often be managed so as to deconflict major events. 

We're very proud of our service and outcomes for out of staters. Give us a call.

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