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Automobile Accidents

If you drive in this area, it isn't a matter of if you are going to be in an automobile accident, but when.  They happen every day and given our area's huge growth, are happening now at a much higher frequency than in the past.  Many people who get in accidents are unsure of what to do, and many people who are seriously injured are at risk of not receiving the full compensation they are entitled to; from their insurance company, the other party's insurance, and sometimes the other party themselves.  It's easy to leave your groceries back at checkout counter so to speak.

At Warrior Law, we pride ourselves with our evaluation of cases.  Our approach is founded on the development of our Goal of Representation.  In other words, we openly discuss and work toward what we are hoping to accomplish for each client in their case.  In personal injury, the answer is usually full compensation for the property damage and for the medical costs, now and in the future, the lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience costs, rental car, lost future earnings, and more.


Now, this is a field of law where the need for legal representation isn't always obvious.  Insurance companies will very quickly contact their clients and even the victims of their clients using some of the nicest people you will ever talk to on the phone.  They will start offering settlement money within days, sometimes hours of the accident.  What do you need a lawyer for with service as wonderful as this?

Taking these initial offers of insurance companies, without the full consideration and advice of an attorney of all that you may be entitled to be compensated for would be an unwise decision, and potentially a very costly one.  What if you take that juicy $5000 check today and then find out you can't do your good paying job anymore due to your back being ruined?  Too bad.  Apply for social security.  The insurance company is done with you.  Depositing that $5000 check ended it.  No, you need a lawyer; a professional who is looking out for you for the long-haul.

At Warrior Law we do personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, plus expenses, but like you hear on TV, if you get nothing - a very, very unlikely prospect if we take you on as a client - then we get nothing, and we pay the expenses until there is a settlement.  Only once the settlement comes in do we see so much as a nickel for our efforts.

And what do we do for our fee?  We research the accident, collect and organize the medical documentation, vocational evaluation, etc.  We log lost wages or other losses associated with treatment, injury, or being without a vehicle.  We research the cost of all your property damages.  Then, once we have determined the full monetary cost to you for suffering such a tragedy, we engage with the insurance companies and parties at fault to get your full compensation.  You will be able to tell how much insurance companies like our service to you by listening to the tone of their voices change when you inform them that you now have an attorney representing you in the matter.


When you or your loved ones get seriously hurt in a car accident, you have a lot of important things to worry about.  Getting screwed by insurance companies ought not be one of them.  Call us and let us take care of them for you.

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