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Florida has very well-developed laws and procedures for handling self-defense.  Contrary to what you may know, self-defense isn't just about the use of deadly force.  Other less violent means of self-protection are covered, too.  Did you get arrested for punching someone in the face?  Had they just struck or threatened to strike you? Many cases are ended when proof is offered of self-defense. You are perfectly within your rights to  use reasonable force to repel an attack on yourself or others. People often plead to charges that can be defended against.  Don't give in so easily and a lawyer can help you.

In self-defense by use of deadly force though, the help of a lawyer can be especially critical.  Florida understands that people have a fundamental right to protect themselves and their family and guests from the violence of intruders or thugs, at home, in cars, or even on the street.  However, in the heat of the moment, right after you have defended yourself or others, you may be overwhelmed with unfamiliar emotions and the after effects of elevated levels of adrenaline and fear.  This can be a poor time to sit down with police and try to properly express exactly what happened and why you took the actions you did.  This is where I can help.

If you find yourself having had to defend yourself or others with serious or deadly force, safely allow the responding officers to secure the scene and check on the perpetrator, then respectfully explain that you are eager to talk to them, but that you intend to speak with your attorney first before answering questions or making a statement.  In most cases they will understand and will help facilitate this.  If they do not respect it, simply insist on it and call me 24/7.  If they won’t listen to you I will convince them.  If you are the loved one or friend of someone who was just taken away by the police for questioning, you call me.  I can then contact the police and end the questioning until I speak with the detained person.


To be clear, the intent here is not to deny the police the information they need to process the case.  It is to ensure that you, the shooter, are of the right mind to answer such important questions, and have had any concerns you may have answered by an attorney in advance of questioning by police, and that you have an attorney present to help you during they interview should issues or questions arise. You also have rights on the scene that may need to be invoked, one of which is to not be arrested in many circumstances.

Unfortunately in self-defense cases, one danger becomes another. You will be under the microscope for some time, up to many months or even years. Have no doubt, any misstatement could ultimately lead to very serious charges against you, up to and including murder, in addition to potentially huge civil liability.  The police aren't bad people, but they aren't your friends in these situations either, they are working, no matter how supportive they sound.  You need an attorney.


Finally, do not let thoughts of fees or anything of the sort get in the way of calling me.  I will respond as soon as possible to your location.  We will worry about fees later on these.  As always, they will be reasonable to the occasion.  Self-defense is a tough thing to go through.  You do not have to go through it alone.  You need, YOUR lawyer.  Call me or have a loved one do so for you as soon as possible.

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