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Michael P. Gilbert J.D.

In 2011, I retired after a long military career; mostly in special operations.  I served in more than twenty countries while assigned to many different bases including time at Ft. Bragg, Okinawa, the Pentagon, Eglin, and of course Hurlburt Field, where I finished as a senior leader in Air Force Special Operations Command.  


After retiring, I went back to school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of West Florida in 2012, where I was the top Pre-Law graduate.  I then attended law school at Louisiana State University, graduating a Juris Doctor with an additional degree in Graduate Comparative Law in 2015. 

While in Louisiana I served for six months as a prosecutor for East Baton Rouge Parish, one of the busiest state attorney's offices in the region.  As a result I understand the priorities and demands of the state side of things. Upon returning to Florida, I passed our state bar exam and opened our law practice.

Since opening my practice almost six years ago, I've had the opportunity to represent hundreds of clients, many facing severe penalties for serious charges filed against them - and we have achieved very favorable results.  The state has tremendous resources, but with skill, experience, effort, and teamwork, we can make the right things happen. 

Please don’t underestimate the value of being represented by someone who will invest substantial time handling your case.  Devoted client support is one of the greatest advantages of hiring a private attorney.  Getting that support from someone with vast life experience in addition to legal experience in this jurisdiction, can make all the difference.

I have joked that you can't shock me, but it's not good to challenge humans that way. My point is usually that we have seen a lot, and no matter how bad it seems, one allegation, even if true, does not define a person. There are usually options that allow for taking into account a person's circumstances, and past. 


I'm here for you.  Your problem is what I do.

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