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Michael P. Gilbert, J.D.

I spent a career defending our country and allies from those who would deny us all our rights. But by far the greater challenge to many people's rights on any given day is our own government's policing.  Defending those who find themselves targeted by the power of the State is what I do.

You came here with a problem.  I will find the solution.

Warrior Law is a mindset.  When things go terribly wrong, you need a warrior fighting for you.  That's where I come in.  At Warrior Law, we fight for our clients, and we get the results our clients need and deserve.


Things happen in life.  We’ve all been there; you don't have to be there alone.  Contact me and we will deal with it together.


* FREE consultations for criminal defense and personal injury cases.  For other matters, consultation fee of $300 applies.

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    694 E James Lee Blvd.
    Crestview, Okaloosa County, FL 32539

    (850) 757-0505

We respond to emergency needs. If you have an emergency, call the number, leave a message and brief explanation. For obvious reasons, only calls with messages are responded to.

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