Covid-19 Impact on Cases

As most are aware, the State of Florida's response to the corona-virus pandemic has included substantial delays in court dates. Many court events that were set for hearings or trial have been continued or cancelled. Social distancing rules apply, and some non-essential activities remain prohibited. Currently, our local courts are operating within limits imposed by the Florida Supreme Court, the Governor, and the chief judge of our circuit, as well as the judges of the individual courts. Only certain cases, requiring emergency actions are currently being heard.

So, what does that mean to you?

If you are a current client of ours, we have monitored the court calendars of the ten courts in which we presently have clients with cases assigned. All cases have been continued, otherwise rescheduled, or cancelled. The new dates in many cases are somewhat notional - we will have to see how the release from lock-down flows to see what they actually become. But we check our cases routinely, and are actively working with each court's judicial assistants and with the State Attorney's Office to keep abreast of scheduling developments. There will not be any surprises, and we will not allow delays or surges in scheduling to negatively affect our case outcomes. Those outcomes may be delayed however. While I assure you we are on top of each and every case, don't hesitate to call to confirm your case's status if you want that comfort. As always you can see the 'official' status on the county records site for your court, but we stand ready to reassure.

For those who may have caught a case during the crisis, we stand ready to help you as the courts get back to full operation. We are still helping current and new clients with issues every day. It is important to recognize that that there may be opportunities presented by this turmoil in the court system that you may want to discuss with us.

We man our office every weekday, even during the slowdown, and remain available to meet with you or discuss your case over the phone.

We are always happy to engage with new clients who could benefit from knowledgeable, local, legal help on their case.

Erica and I hope you and your loved ones are well and remain so. Call us if you need us!

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